Seats: Orignal & Custom

This is the course you have been waiting for! Seats! I’m sure all of you have an old seat that you’re just dying to bring back to life or maybe you just want to completely customize your seat upholstery. In these videos you will learn all the skills and techniques to be able to make any seat cover you can dream up. We will start with learning how to remake an old existing cover. You will learn how to create patterns from the old covers. Then we will move on to learning about foam repair and seat spring repair. You will even learn how to completely remake a basic foam cushion from scratch! Then we will get to the best section. Creating custom covers from scratch! I will show you my ways of taking a custom design, making the patterns and then turning those patterns into beautiful perfect fitting covers.

Learn How to Make Patterns!

Learn How to Make Custom Seat Covers!

Take Your Upholstery Skills to the Next Level!

Subjects Covered


Seat Teardown

Parts of a Seat Cover

Making Patterns From Old Covers

Using Your Patterns

Cutting your pieces


Sewing Up Your Cover

Installing Your Cover

Cutting Foam

Foam Repair

Repairing Sagging Seat Springs

Making Seat Foam – Basic Shapes


Design Layout

Making Custom Patterns

Using Scrim Foam

Making and Cutting Out Inserts With Designs

Sewing Long Sections of Pleats

Sewing Up the Backrest

Sewing Up the Cushion

Installing The Cushion Cover

Installing Backrest Cover

Recovering Headrests

Recoloring Plastic Trim

Seat Assembly

27 Videos - 7hrs 10mins!

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Customer Reviews


I just finished watching your new video on re-upholstering a complete seat. It is FANTASTIC. Thanks for taking the time to make it. It is SO informative! I learned more from you in a few hours than I’ve learn in the last few years. Not only do you explain the procedures, but you fill us in on the “tricks of the trade” too. I also like the fact that you tell WHY things are done a certain way. The info on making patterns is SO helpful. It’s about time someone made a training video like this. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on useless books and videos trying to learn what you explain to me in these great teaching videos. Thanks again. I can’t wait for any more you may produce in the future.


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