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Joe W.


I just finished watching your new video on re-upholstering a complete seat. It is FANTASTIC. Thanks for taking the time to make it. It is SO informative! I learned more from you in a few hours than I've learn in the last few years. Not only do you explain the procedures, but you fill us in on the "tricks of the trade" too. I also like the fact that you tell WHY things are done a certain way. The info on making patterns is SO helpful. It's about time someone made a training video like this. I've spent hundreds of dollars on useless books and videos trying to learn what you explain to me in these great teaching videos. Thanks again. I can't wait for any more you may produce in the future.

Todd S doors & seat 200
Todd S.


These videos are awesome and I really appreciate you taking the time to make them. I have struggled for a year now trying to figure some of this stuff out on my own. These videos go into really good detail. I purchased Sid Chavers DVDs a year ago and they were good but only hit the high points and left a lot of gray areas. I have already got my moneys worth with the tips making things easier and more consistent.

   Todd S.

trunkfull - Copy
Steve D.


Outstanding job on your videos, THANK YOU for doing these!

Best Regards,

   Steve D,

Tools Of The Trade

Who Doesn’t Love Buying New Tools ? !!!!

Yes I definitely have an obsession with tools!  How can you not?!  There is nothing better than bringing home that new shiny addition to your arsenal of equipment and putting it to use.

BUT…. It is important that we don’t get crazy and break the bank…. I know…

That’s why I created this guide.  CONTINUE READING.....


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