Suspended Headliners , Molded Headliners & Sun Visor

Headliners can be intimidating. They can be difficult to install and even harder to make. In these training videos, I will show you all my tricks to make this easy for you. Ill also show you how to pattern and make a suspended headliner so that you can have that perfect color match for your custom interior. But that’s not all! What about the sun visors? You can’t have a new headliner without a fresh set of sun visors to match. They are a small part of an interior but something that is very visible. So they need to be nice. I’ll show you how to make them beautiful again, you can even change the shape if you like. You will also learn how to recover molded headliners and sun visors with factory mirrors.

Learn how to make headliners !

Learn how to make and recover sun visors!

Fix up that project at home!

Expand your upholstery skills!

Subjects Covered

1. Headliner Removal
2. Suspended Headliners – Making Patterns
3. Suspended Headliners – Cutout
4. Suspended Headliners – Sewing
5. Suspended Headliner – Fixing And Replacing Tack Strips
6. Suspended Headliners – Installation Part 1
7. Suspended Headliners – Installation Part 2
8. Windlace
9. Making And Recovering Sun Visors Part 1
10. Making And Recovering Sun Visors Part 2
11. Recovering a Molded Headliner
12. Recovering Sun Visors With Factory Mirrors

12 Videos - 4 hours!   

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Customer Reviews

GREAT videos

John, once again you did an excellent job with these videos. I must say, your editing skills are improving too. I like the fact that you don’t edit out little problems that you encounter. Like the damaged cardboard in the headliner vid. Instead you teach us how to overcome these minor things. Just like in a real shop situation. Same with that mirror cover in the visor video. Again, GREAT videos. Very informative and useful. Keep them coming. I learn more with every one I watch!


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